Who we are

We are, as we have already said, real girls who love reading fashion blogs on the web.

Lauren Cooke – Creator & Founder

This all started when I wrote a blog post, here, about “Low Fashion”. This is the idea of fashion that is inspired by the catwalks, but really is about day-to-day life and fashion. The anti-thesis to high fashion, and what we all live with on a day to day basis. The premise is that everyone is real whether big or small, tall or short, punk or vintage. Each and every wonderful piece makes up the women we are surrounded by every day, and we wanted a glossy mag filled with these things.

The blog post turned to chatting on Twitter, and from this and the passionate feedback we emerged with an idea. And this is it!

I myself am an eMarketing bod in rural Warwickshire, England. I write lots for various places, and I blog obsessively. I love fashion, with an emphasis on vintage – although I will wear anything if it is priced right and looks cool! I have just started posting outfit photos on my blog, so that I can share more than my opinions with the world.

Read the blog post that started this all off.

Fi Baker – Founder


Isn’t it funny how a discussion on Twitter can turn out?  Well here we are in the result of that discussion!

I am Fi of Shoegalfi and I am excited to be part of this new project.  I have been blogging for 3.5 years and it is great to be working on this with the rest of the team.

I hail from (sometimes) sunny Yorkshire and can usually be found with a cup of tea in my hand.  I love heels and high street fashion, especially when it caters for the taller ladies amongst us (I am 5’11”).

Emma Cossey – Founder

Being nosy can often have some pretty amazing outcomes. I spotted Lauren and Fi’s conversation on Twitter about a low fashion magazine inspired by the fashion bloggers we love, and jumped into the conversation. Less than a week later and that casual conversation had led to some big plans!

When I’m not tweeting, I write freelance for several fashion and gadget blogs, and work remotely as an editorial assistant in rural Reading.

I’m passionate about dresses, kitsch jewellery and eating out. I love seeking out bargains, whether it’s online, on the high street or in a tiny little charity shop. I’ve recently unleashed my crafty side, learning crochet, knitting and sewing in an attempt to further my fashion options.


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