Real Women Everyday

This is the section specifically about you.

What do you dream about? What are your aspirations? What does your closet look like? Do you own 500 pairs of shoes? Where do you work? What is your life story? What do you believe in? Do you have issues with food, or a strange collection? Whatever makes you you, this is what we want to hear about.

To get involved in this, you can write about yourself. About absolutely anything that you want to share with our readers. Or, alternatively, you can write about someone else. You can conduct interviews, do research, and find out what makes real women tick. From doctors to lawyers to masseuses to mothers.

If this inspires you, let us know that you want to help in the comments below.


4 Responses

  1. I could write a nice fat article for curvy girls! I get sick and tired of the advice for anyone over a size 14 – just because I’m larger doesn’t mean I have no shape. I feel very, very passionate about fashion and about my body shape, and I would LOVE to write something about it!


  2. I’m an educated professional who lives and works in NYC, and I already blog regularly about being a plus-sized girl losing weight. I’m down almost 100 pounds, and I’ve recently begun exploring my own fashion sense…etc.

    Love this magazine to be…!

  3. Hi!

    I’m an (almost) 18-year-old student from the North of England with a good deal of experience as a columnist for various online publications, and I would love to write for you, on this subject matter, if you’d like me!

    I have written for –

    – Lipstick Royalty Magazine,, as Fashion Editor, 2007 – present
    – Mookychick Magazine,, as a contributor, 2008 – present
    – The FBomb,, as a guest blogger, 2009 – present
    – The Literary Den,, as a guest blogger, 2009 – present
    – British Style Bloggers,, Founder and Editor, 2009 – present
    – Wingbeat Magazine (no website), as a guest writer, 2006 – present
    – Style Sample Magazine,, as a Freelance Editor, March 2010

    (: My blog is at

    Can’t wait to hear from you…!!


  4. Sorry to be a techno-nerd, but can’t seem to drop you something from my blog. It’s

    Hope you can open it.


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