Friendly Advice

Are you a guru to whom everyone comes for fashion, style or beauty advice? Are you an expert is applying makeup? Could you dress yourself for a black tie event with your eyes closed? Can you teach a crowded room how to create the perfect victory rolls? Can you instantly identify the problems with an outfit, or what clothes will perfectly fit someone’s body shape?

If so, then you could be one of the people we ned to help other real women like yourself with their fashion enquiries and questions. Whatever your area of specialty, if you think you can help people then you are welcome!

Leave a comment below if you want to help us and be involved in our magazine!


4 Responses

  1. I’m a friend of Lauren’s who in my spare time (and hopefully soon back to part-time) is a Personal Image Consultant. I am more about the individual, their shape and how they want to look rather than a fashion stylist.

    Would love to help however I can!


  2. Hi! I’m Kelly. I am pretty well versed in underwear – while I do have a fashion blog ( I’m more of an “expert” on lingerie and for that, I’m part of the blogging team at I’d be happy to help with any underpinnings-related topics!

  3. It’s quite cliché to say this, I realize, but I am the gal whom everyone comes to for fashion and beauty advice. As for beauty, I’ve consulted on weddings, done bridal makeup and worked with a major cosmetics company on a few of their local events as a freelancer. I just do it because I love it!

    When it comes to clothing, I’ve styled some photo shoots, and am always getting emails from friends and family about what to wear to this, or what goes with that? It has prompted some of my blog posts and articles. It’s not that I want to fix something that’s wrong, it’s that I want to help someone look their best.

    It brings me such pleasure to not only find something that works on someone and makes them look amazing, but to find something that they may not have thought of before, and allow them to step outside of their comfort zone just a bit. I’ve had a knack for this since I was a child, even whispering what the designer should have paired with what at pricey boutiques.

    I hope you can use me in some capacity, as I love putting looks together and finding the true beauty of a person through an outfit. Please let me know if I can help!


  4. I am a personal shopper for friends and friends of friends and really anyone who needs help. I try to keep things on the more budget side but, true fashion can happen at any price point. I would love to get involved so I hope you can use my expertise!

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