An Update – Lets Spread The Word About Basse Mode

Thanks everyone for being willing to get involved with this. We haven’t done that much this week – I have been putting together a big spreadsheet of all the people who are interested in getting involved, and this seems to have taken up my every waking hour!

Basse Mode

The list eventually top 100 people all wanting to contribute, and this is after just 1 week. We have such a diverse collection of skills… from graphic designers to typographers, layout experts to professions at photo shoots, and of course lots and lots of very talented writers and fashionistas. It is slightly overwhelming, and has made us feel like we really could make this happen.

A massive thank you to everyone who has said they want to be involved – and to everyone who has been kind enough to write about us on your blogs. We will be sending out an email this week attempting to up the ante again, encouraging people to share the idea, write about it, and also to join our group on Flickr. You will all be invited to the Flickr group at some point this week – if you want to submit your fashion ideas and outfit shots then simply leave a comment somewhere on this blog and you will be added to the list.

On with a new¬† week – and let’s make this actually happen!