Everything is go today! 

We just sent a massive group email to everyone who wants to be involved. This launches our Group Challenge – regular calls for submissions and interpretations on a theme, which may well be included in Basse Mode if/when it gets published. 





We have also launched the Basse Mode Flickr group, where you can all show us your brilliant outfits, some of which will go in the magazine and on the soon-to-be-launched content tab, which is going to aim to show the sort of content we will feature. 

Please join! We need all submissions possible to make this work!




We have a brand new button for people to share on their sites,  this links through direct to the blog. 

If you want to put this button on your website or blog, then the code is below: 





Our new blog header has been produced, meaning that we can start pushing the blog. The header reflects our fun-loving, bubbly aims, and we think it looks great! 

We have also now had about 70 responses on the questionnaire, and only 3 people have said they wouldn’t buy a magazine like this. Judging from the brilliant and intelligent answers we have received it seems we have struck a real chord with people. 



Today we released our Questionnaire designed to get a little feedback on what women want, think and feel. This questionnaire will help us to define who our target audience is (because “you guys” doesn’t really cut it in the world of publishing!), as well as giving us the details of people who want to be involved. 

We have had 25 responses by the end of day 1, despite the fact this blog isn’t finished and hasn’t been promoted yet! So many of you want to be involved, it is wonderful and inspiring! 

Keep up the good work!


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