About Us

What is “Basse Mode”?

Basse Mode is, or will be, a real life hard copy magazine. One that you can buy in bookshops, or newsagents, one with beautiful images and thick paper.

Basse Mode is a magazine about what real women wear, feel and believe.

Basse Mode is a magazine built for normal everyday women. We know that the feeling of flicking through a glossy magazine can’t be beaten. However, all the magazines feature the same thing – unwearable looks, unaffordable clothes, and an emphasis on being and looking the same as one another. We want to condense all the brilliance that the fashion blogging world has to offer into something that we can put on the coffee table. That we can show off on the coffee table. A beautiful documentation of what real women wear, what real people think, and things that actually affect our lives. Nothing like this has ever been done before, but we think it could be brilliant.

Manifesto: What we are about?

First, let us start with what we aren’t.

We aren’t people who hate fashion, or who hate catwalks. In fact, we are quite the opposite – we believe catwalks are great for trend inspiration, and that catwalks can be the birthplace of some great ideas and great art. Oh, and great fashion.

We also aren’t those people who are anti-thin. We think girls come in all sizes from tiny to curvy, big to small, tall to short. We just care that you feel good about yourself and the way you look, and we want to share that with other girls who are at once just like you, and totally different.

Finally, we aren’t actually standing against all the current high-fashion glossy mags on the shelves. They have their place, and probably always will. We just got fed up with reading the same old same old, and wanted to offer an alternative, or something else to buy at the same time.

Now onto what we are.

We are three girls, three bloggers, who love reading the writing and looking at the pictures that fashion bloggers and non-fashion bloggers post on the web. We find more inspiration in the women around us both in real life and digitally than in the current magazines, because of the fact that they are imperfect and real.

We believe that low-fashion is becoming more important day by day. Low-fashion is real life fashion, achievable attainable and interpreted differently by every single person who wears clothes. The brilliance is in the creativity shown on lower budgets, with expensive signature pieces, or even just with reworking what you already have.

We want real girls to have a beautiful quality place to read about each other, because aside from blogs we have no tangible place to do this. Because we are brilliant, and we deserve it.

How can you get involved?

Click here to find out!


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  1. Lauren — I sent you an e-mail, but thought I’d post here — my post is up on my blog.


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